Tip, CEB Blocks, Zipties

I had a great meeting with Tip, a nice day out in town and then pressed a few more bricks. One of the best parts of the meeting with Tip was his change of mind in the difficulty of building our own windows and doors. This was one of the last jobs that he didn’t think we’d be able to do, and I feel confident now that we can do it, and that we can get exactly what we want by doing it that way.

Also got some other questions answered by Tip, though it seems like there are always a million more. It seems like we are starting to gain the confidence in ourselves to not have to ask Tip about each and every detail.

We pressed some bricks with added lime & sand, just lime and just sand. They definitely feel much stronger and solid. Will be interesting to see how they dry. There were some bricks that were made from some pretty big sized aggregate that turned out pretty bad, but the others are looking pretty good.

Also got a switch installed to control the shaker motor which seems to be doing its job pretty well. We added some zipties and carboard to the hydraulic cables in an effort to reduce rubbing so that they last longer. It was a little tricky, mostly because the line to the primary cylinder isn’t long enough and so is pretty taught and inflexible. This made it hard to ziptie it in a way that would prevent it from rubbing.