Axpress is an ongoing experiment in the design and implementation of a query language for not just the worlds information but your own information, all other information and information yet to be generated. I have a demo running on my laptop, but have not yet got a public demo running. there will be one soon.


fftknn learns to recognize any sound, vowel or pitch you teach it and associate it with a MIDI signal. Later, (in real time) when it hears similar sounds it will trigger the learned MIDI signals. (December 2008)


Allows users a view into the relationships between words found in blog posts around the web. What other words are commonly found in posts containing Obama for example. Or, how many negative adjectives like terrible, bad or gross appear in posts with the word linux compared to positive words like great, exciting or incredible? (Fall 2007 Class Midterm Project)


Understand basic commands and queries. An advanced form of regular expressions are used to match queries and understand what the user wants. For more information, see this paper, or visit the demo. My semi-organized notes that I took while working on this project can be found on my wiki here. (Fall 2007 Undergraduate Independent Research Project)


MMM is a graphical programming environment to create device graphs representing information flow through the system. Very similar in concept to Yahoo Pipes, Reaktor, MaxMSP, PD, or any modular synthesizer. Some devices create data such as a MIDI input device, keyboard or an RSS feed which can then be piped through any number of devices in any order, all realtime. Unlike many other implementations based on this idea, there is no strict data typing; The Lua tables are used to transmit data, with standards for all basic types like numbers, strings, lists, arrays, hashes, advanced data structures, etc. I hope to have a screen cast up showing the capabilities soon. (hobby project Summer 2007)

See also: LuaMIDI - A library I wrote for the Lua programming language providing MIDI I/O functionality. (Linux, Mac, Win)


1st Prize winner of Greener Gadgets design competition! (see video and interview)

The EnerJar is an easy-to-build device that accurately measures the power draw of electrical appliances. The user plugs the EnerJar into any three-prong wall outlet, and a device into the outlet on the EnerJar. It is our goal that users of the power meter will gain an understanding of power draw and use this knowledge to effectively reduce their electricity use. (hobby project Jan 2008)

Dream Clock

The Dream Clock has been modded to appear as if you are still dreaming. It is said that in dreams, it is often difficult to read small characters and text, or if you can, they change each time you read them. This clock used to be my alarm clock. The confusion created when you wake up, and try to read this time is indescribable. Inspired by Waking Life which first interested me in the dream state and lucid dreaming.

RTS Engine

This very simple RTS engine was a hobby project of mine back in high school as an expirment in real time 3d Rendering with DirectX. I’ve been recently getting excited about OpenGL and real time rendering again and look forward to revisiting this field.


ZDGP is a genetic programming library for Lua. This code is quite old, so I don’t have it on the web, but this was quite a strong interest of mine at the time. A friend of mine was making tons of money in the stock market and I wanted a piece of the action. The only programs I was able to evolve that might have been competitive required no transaction costs because it traded so often. I eventually decided that playing the stock market wasn’t something I really felt was worth my time. (2004)


And an article I wrote quite some time ago: SSE2 for Dummies (who know C/C++) (Summer 2003)