Introducing Quiqi

Quiqi is a greasemonkey script and firefox plugin which shows you quick answers to your search queries inline and unobtrusively in Google searches. Quick answers are provided by users, editable by anyone.

Some example answers (so far mostly answers to programming questions):

ruby string to int -> str.to_i
apt-get ab -> apt-get install apache2-utils
jquery checkbox status -> .is(\’:checked\’)
js string to int -> parseInt(str)
usb 2 speed -> 480Mbps
javascript array copy -> new_copy = original.slice()
php referrer -> $_SERVER[‘HTTP_REFERER’]
water couscous -> 1 1/2:1 water to couscous
when to plant thyme -> outside: 2 weeks after average last frost or when soil is ≥ 70° inside: 8 weeks before last frost
error: ‘memcpy’ was not declared in this scope -> #include

And an example screen shot. Notice how the answer isn’t provided in the excerpted content.

Example 1