CEB Press Hydraulic Pressure Switch

Just spent an hour or two looking for low cost pressure switches to use on the CEB Press. I would like to add them as a way to add reliable sensing of end cylinder stopping points. This avoids the need for external sensors to determine when to stop primary and secondary movements. I will still need sensors to know when the primary cylinder should stop growing the compression chamber as well as one to know when the secondary cylinder should stop for a compression stage. However, with just 2 sensors instead of 6, it should be a fair bit simpler to use physical switches instead of the unreliable hall effect sensors.

The sensor I found to use is this one. It is $32 adjustable from 1000-3000 psi and rated for maximum 6000 psi overload.

There is one at the surplus center here, but the one they sent me was used and broken, there is no datasheet that exactly matches what they sell and there are only 3 left in stock which means that they aren’t going to be able to be used by many more people. I’d rather find a solution that can be easily replicated.