CEB Wall Weep Holes

I’ve received new information and so have updated the post. Quoting Dan Johnson

It can be expected that a standard brick wall will have water penetration from weather on the the exterior and possibly condensation on the inside. Many wall designs today have a brick veneer- space for drainage-rigid foam- framing,cmu, etc. For this reason weep holes are used to allow the water a point of exit. However, a CEB wall that is plastered on the exterior or even covered with another type of cladding, should not have that issue so no need for weep holes. If the wall was left unplastered/exposed then it could have that issue and you would need weep holes but I would not recommend that for a cold rainy climate unless you had a really well stabilized block.

Old (Incorrect) Post:

If water pools on the foundation and soaks the bricks, they will loose their structural integrity. We need 1/4” ID copper pipe and cotton rope inside every 4-6ft between the foundation and the first course of bricks as weep holes. The bricks are 6” wide and if weep holes are installed every 4 feet along all 94’ of the building’s outside perimeter that means we’ll want 24 weep holes. 24 holes * 6” deep holes → 12’ of copper pipe and cotton rope.